AAC Construction services



We have experience since year 2,000 in the Construction industry and extensive experience in Real Estate services.

AAC CONSTRUCTION,INC is a company with a full range of general  construction services,AAC specializes in general contracting,design  -build and interior trades, AAC makes it easier to attain your ultimate  goal to deliver projects quickly,efficiently and cost effectively. the  results are a great product every time.  

We are a Builder contractor and  real estate agent from Starlink realty,inc .We are a local based business that is intently focused on dealing  with our clients in a transparent manner. Providing exceptional customer  service,as a real estate agent helping them to preserve their wealth and build their capital through real estate. We have the tools to build your projects with  equity FOR YOU either by finding, repairing, selling or renting your  property.  

We Buy Fixer-Uppers CASH:

Need to sell your home fast? No Matter the reason, contact us today!  

Remodeling and Additions:

We can help with your home improvement in the process of planning, permits, etc. We can do all  from start to finish and all size projects! We are always looking do  what is in our client`s best interest by following our company`s values,  methods and principles. Based upon mutual trust; we believe in quality  and good service don`t have to be expensive just reasonable,combine our services and get discount prices  please  contact us for more details.